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Treefrog Fresh Box

The Treefrog squash scented Fresh Box air freshener keeps your car smelling great and lasts about 8 weeks. After trying this, you’ll never purchase another one of those paper tree fresheners from the cornerstore.

Treefrog is a water based gel type air freshener which helps to maintain its fragrance smooth and long lasting. A lovely selection of scents. Fragrant and deodorizing with natural fragrance. SMELL IT. LOVE IT!

The Treefrog Air Freshener is a product that has been on www.jdmfresh.com for a long time. This product works great for deodorizer dealing with cars with people that smoke, dirty car or kids. Treefrog brand formulated in japan comes in multiple fragrances style from the Fresh Box Black Squash, White Peach, Lemon, Marine Squash, Black Cherry,Black Musk  and Lavender. In the future JDMFresh will be selling additional fragrances and smells of the product. 

Overall we recommend you trying out this product for yourself and let us know you opinion on the brand. Xtreme fresh is a luxurious yet affordable air freshener. The mood of this fragrances, cool and fresh. Make a certain playfulness and leisurely state of mind. Most of the Air Freshener is ideal especially in the Fresh Box to be under your seat in your car, inside your home and office. The treefrog car freshener will freshen and deodorizes with natural fragrances.

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