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Most common questions on performance Shift Knobs

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Many people have questions when it comes to purchasing shift knobs for their performance car. There are a few variables that should be reviewed prior to pulling the trigger and purchasing a shift knob. The shift performance knobs are all about control and feel when it comes to buying these products. It’s always recommended when purchasing a shift knob to check the thread pitch, size and height. Performance shift knobs are about giving the car enthusiast the power and ability shift between the gear on manual transmissions with a great feel and smooth transition. On automatic transmissions, the shift knobs are just provided to shift from Park(P) to Drive (D) which does not have as much benefit. Shift knobs are one of the best performance upgrades for the interior portion of your vehicle. The interior modifications are sometimes limited due to the vehicle platform and manufacture. JDMFresh offers new style of shift knob that will work for all Japanese car models with the warrior style shift knob. These shift knobs have been designed for styling and high quality performance grade 6061 aluminum and design to be firm. All-metal threads at the bottom of the shift knob so the knob will not wobble or fall off. On the top of the shift knob is the JDMFresh logo and 戈 symbol on the side which is the kanji for warrior especially in the spirit of driving. The spirit of having a great shift knob will make you want to drive more cruises and freeways. One of the best features of the JDMFresh warrior series shift knob is that they do not heat up high temperatures environments which can make the shift knob too hot to hold during the summer months. Make sure to be aware of this prior to purchasing a shift knob that could be so hot that you will require an oven mitten or towel to put your hand on the shift knob. This is important to preventing one of the best car performance modifications to become a nightmare instead of enjoyment. Shift knobs will always be around especially as long as manual transmissions are available with boring shift knob that are provided from the OEM end. In the spirit of driving, happy and fast shifting enjoying all the benefits of great shift knob. 

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