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​Honda car parts research online for the best performance build

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Honda car parts research online for the best performance build

When car enthusiasts want to build a performance Honda usually if they are beginner to experience it’s started through researching to insure a successful build. Normally when it comes to the research process like everyone always start online reading forums, performance product recommendations and reviews provided by people using the product. This type of research is sometimes done at car meets and weekly events too. Specifically for the Honda platform most civics and s2000 are the desired vehicles to perform a complete overhaul and build. Most car enthusiast knows that building a Honda usually take approximately 4-8 thousand dollars to perform the build correctly if you are doing all the work yourself. Complete building normally people include the motor swap or replacement such as a K-series or B-series Honda motor. However if you plan on using an existing motor make sure it’s a Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC) to get the best power and performance. Honda’s are known for having one of the best platforms for adding cost effective parts available in a wise selection from performance part for track days, drag races to car show events.

Once you have decided you plan on how the car will be used and the type of motor / transmission swap. Then you move on to the supporting modifications depending if you are planning on keeping the car Naturally Aspirated (NA) to Turbocharger (Turbo). Both the NA and turbo has their plus and minuses but the easiest for most car enthusiast would be the NA which requires the least amount of fabrication. When purchasing a turbo sometimes people run into the problems with the cost of the complete turbo kit or turbo itself. When you are building a performance car you always want to make sure the parts you are using are high quality Honda parts that will last throughout the years. These are the places were some car enthusiast cut corners and ends up costing them more money in the longer term when failures occur such as motor or defective parts. Cooling and fueling the vehicle would be the third most important process in this build which includes radiator, radiator pump, fuel regulators, fuel pump and gauges. These are areas too you want to insure high quality products are being use throughout the build process for longevity. The last final parts however sometimes people put this as their first modification would be the appearance from fender washersbumper release kits, and paint color. However, I would recommend looking at insuring you have a car alarm or security system to insure no problems will be encountered after you spend great money into making your car nice and clean. This is where you want to order a quick release steering wheel and quick release locking system to insure that you are the only person that can start the car with the security parts. The newer Honda’s after 2003 have better security systems compare to the 90’s Honda civics, prelude, CRX and accords. If you are an owner of the 90’s Honda civic make sure to include a kill switch into your security setup.

Now that we have discussed the car build side we can now start reviewing the styling portions of the car from body kits to engine bay such as Honda hood risers that will fit on your vehicle. It’s important to check out the colors in the engine bay from the jdm fender washers to radiator hoses have some type of conformity that will help insure that everything blends together. This includes the wheels and tires which are important to purchase vehicle wheels to insure your Honda lug nuts fit the wheels you have purchased. This is another mistake that is sometimes done by beginner car enthusiast building a car from start to end. Once all this has been done if you still have some extra money left over then start looking into suspension such as sub frame to coilovers. These products especially coilovers can be costly depending on the brand and quality. Make no mistake you want to insure you select high quality product since this will impact the way your car feel when driving down the road and track. Since you only want to do this part once then it’s strongly recommended to select from brands that offer warranty. In the world of suspension from our view coilover parts can be added on over time depending on the budget for your Honda build. The cost effective solution is just purchasing suspension springs and sway bars. You will get different answers from some car enthusiast if suspension should come first but in our view can be the boring route in the building process unless you planning on attending autocross and track days.

Last biggest point of advice we can provided is take your time and do it correctly. This is done by researching and reading; remember knowledge is power! You will definitely have a great time with your performance Honda build and a task that most people will envy you after your work is complete. We here at JDMFresh are always recommending the best performance Honda parts to insure your car will last for years to come! 

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